Ziff Davis Publishing

Ziff Davis Publishing is a developer of system tools and developer tools.

Best software by Ziff Davis Publishing

PC Magazine NoteWhen
This application is a virtual sticky note program.
PC Magazine WMatch
This application compares the files of two directories.
PC Magazine Got2Do
Got2Do is about letting you create a to-do list and making it easily accessible.

Popular programs by Ziff Davis Publishing

PC Magazine InstaBack
A backup solution that was easy to use and always on.
PC Magazine HomePatrol
HomePatrol has helped people solve these mysteries by monitoring their webcam.
PCMag.com Gmail Organizer
Gmail Organizer is a great application that organizes your gmail data.
PC Magazine NetShare Manager
NetShare Manager stores all of your mapped network shares.
PC Magazine RenaMusic
With RenaMusic you can easily and effortlessly rename music files.

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